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ADVANCED SEPTIC SERVICE  Chautauqua Countyís #1 Septic Service Company.  We have raised the bar on the septic service industry in Chautauqua County.

xHomeowners and Business owners:

This site was designed to educate you about how a septic system works and the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to make your system work trouble free and last indefinitely, saving you thousands in repair or replacement bills.

This information was compiled over years of experience and can be cross referenced by various agencies, such as Universities and State and County Health Departments.

FACT:  A properly installed and maintained septic system can last indefinitely.

FACT:  A septic system will eventually fail without proper maintenance. 

FACT:  System replacements cost $3500 - $5000 

OUR GOAL: We will provide you with the knowledge, products and service (2nd to none) needed to make your system trouble free and last indefinitely. 

Nobody wants to run the washer or flush the toilet and have it back up all over the floor.  Then, you call a plumber.  He canít fix it!  Then you find out that your septic system has failed!!  Then you find out that you have to have a replacement system installed at the cost of  $4500!!  Sound unlikely?  Guess again.  Approximately 250 - 300 systems in Chautauqua County fail each year.  Why?  Some homeowners are unaware that they need to do any routine maintenance on their septic system and other just donít do enough. 

The saying ďIf it works, donít fix itĒ does not apply to your septic system.  You change the oil in your vehicle every 3000 miles (at least you should) to maximize the life of your engine, right?  The same applies to your septic system.  Pumping, installing filters (both effluent and washing machine), cleaning the filters, inspecting and repairing outlet baffles and conserving water will make your system work trouble free for many years to come..

I invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers.  You can call 716-665-7822 (we have an answering service for non-working hours) or you can e-mail us at jrmikula@sbcglobal.net.  When you hire us you can be confident you have chosen the best service company in Chautauqua County.  Our knowledgeable technicians and staff can help you understand your septic system, the costs associated with proper maintenance and its relationship to the environment. We wonít just pump your tank.  We will inspect the operation of your whole system and suggest anything it may need that may have been overlooked.

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